TechnoLogica Features List:

TechnoLogica 4 general information:

TechnoLogica 4 is especially designed to control the Leonardo Interface.
TechnoLogica is control software that can be used with technology simulation systems. The user builds models and uses the computer to control the models operation, while viewing the input data from the sensors.
TechnoLogica allows the user to experience computerized feedback control of machines.
While working with TechnoLogica the user learns to use basic commands, and to create more complex commands using combinations of these basic ones (structured programming).
TechnoLogica 4 is available in several platforms:
32 bit (Windows 95/98/NT) and 16 bit (Windows 3.x) systems and Apple Macintosh.

TechnoLogica 4 can be installed in three levels:

Automatic Level - For novice or inexperienced users.
Interactive Level - Expands the "Automatic Level" to work with Sensors.
Collaborative Level - Expands the "Interactive Level" to work with several interfaces in collaboration.

TechnoLogica 4 minimum hardware requirements:

10 MB free disk space.
Windows 95/98/NT or Windows 3.11 operating system.
1 Serial Communication Port available (i.e COM1 or COM2 etc.).


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