Leonardo Features List:

A new generation of interfaces that was specially planned and designed for education.
Fully wireless communication of direct command and feedback control expands your students space of operation.
Each Leonardo Interface has its own ID, allow several interfaces to operate simultaneously in the same room in collaboration and without  interrupting each other.
A Leonardo interface can be loaded with 6 different re-writeable programs. It keeps them even when batteries are out.
4 Input Ports, 4 Output Ports.
Individual ID for each Interface.
Download 6 possible re-writeable programs.
Cable or Wireless communication Radio control.
On-line and programmed command control.
Direct control.
Controls any electric device from 3v to 12v (i.e., motors, lights, and buzzers).
Collects data from any Analog and Digital sensors: Light, Sound, Rotation, Angle, Temperature, Touch, Counter etc…
Rechargeable batteries (batteries are charged when connected to power supply).
Keep the programs even when batteries are out.
For LEGO® users: Leonardo and TechnoLogica can control all LEGO® Technic models, and all LEGO DACTA® models such as: 9707 Intelligent House, 9701 the Green House, 9702 model and the 9633 Pneumatic model.


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